Laundry Room Remodel Pics

Tuesday, June 21, 2011
Originally I typed this up in my post yesterday - but didn't want to take away from Father's it was getting way long!!

Are ya ready???

So here's my small, cluttered laundry room before...blah!
And now...dun, dun, dun...
 I just love all these cabinets!!!

Isn't it gorgeous!!! Yes, those are clothes on the counter - Emma puts up her own clothes these days, so I just fold them & let her know they are ready to be put up. She is such a big girl!! And that little basket on the counter is for orphan socks - some mysteries will never be solved I guess!

I still want to paint in there, get a nice matching rug & hang something on the wall. The wall to the left, which I realize now you can't really see, is just a bare wall - before it had those wire shelves (see before pics) that stuck out & got in the way (they are now high in my pantry to give me more shelving in there). I bought some sample paint colors for the kitchen yesterday, but Michael didn't really like it for the kitchen so I think I might try it in here. It's a pretty blue/gray color so I think it'll go well. Might post pics for your opinions later.

So, I'll continue with remodel are the before & after of the kitchen cabinets, too...
Aren't they pretty?? I've since moved those white bowls & am trying to put only dark things or glass behind these doors so it doesn't show through as much. We were going to do just the big doors, but the contractor suggested this instead & we LOVE it! The doors on the end just frame it all so nice! I think I'm sick of the greenery now, though - need a new idea for up there. Suggestions???

Here's where I found a home for those wire shelves . The shelves only went so high in the pantry & it isn't a huge pantry, so the floor was used like a shelf & I HATED stuff on the floor in there! With those shelves up high I'm able to get everything off the floor! Ahhh...much better!
I think this door rack has outstayed its welcome, too - pretty sure it's coming down next!!! Sorry - gotta go!

I am so happy how everything turned out! And the painting we did & the light fixtures changes just add to it all! And we finally got our new dishwasher in - now all the appliances match again! LOL! We still have a couple more projects we're working on for the summer, but all are small compared to this one!