It's time for a nap now...

Monday, June 27, 2011
After last Tuesday I got pretty didn't slow me down, though - unfortunately I couldn't slow down -  there was way too much going on this weekend to take time to get sick, that's the two reasons why I haven't posted since Tuesday. I saw the doctor in my office Wednesday & he gave me a z-pack so I think that's what saved me from being down for the count today!

Friday Michael & I had a date day planned & I really didn't want to cancel it b/c I was sick. So after battling fever & swollen tonsils for two days and having two days worth of antibiotics I decided to go on as planned & off to Splashtown we went. Just the two of us!
After a fun date day at Splashtown!!
I was a little worried that playing in the water wasn't the smartest idea given the past couple of days, but we were looking forward to the time together so I went & we had a BLAST! We ended up getting season passes for the family - this park is literally only about 2 miles from our house so it's very easy to plan an impromptu visit at any time. This is the first year we've bought the passes, but it's going to be an annual thing from now own. It's just too convenient & the kids will love it!

Saturday I had to get food for the baby shower we had at the house on Sunday, so we ran around a little that morning & then headed to my parents' house. My brother was building a gate for them so Michael went to help out - while they worked we played in the water in the back yard then headed to my sister's house to play in her pool & celebrate my great-nephew's b'day, too.
Family Pic in the Pool
Aaron was the coolest dude there! LOL
This is the life! I'm so cool! You talking to me??

Emma - Lunching by the pool! Daddy & Aaron Lounging


We had a fun day - I was worried being in the water Friday & Saturday that I might relapse, but thankfully I didn't b/c Sunday was a full day, too. I had a houseful Sunday for the shower & around noon as my niece & I were finishing up things to get ready we realized my AC wasn't working right. Turns out it needs freon, which we couldn't get yesterday so the shower was a little warm. It wasn't really bad until almost the very end, though thank goodness. And today someone will be out to fill it for me. Last night was bearable, but I don't want to do that two days in a row.

I hope you all had a great weekend! I feel like I need to sleep all day to recoup, but since it isn't an option I have work to get done! Have a good Monday (is that an oxymoron??)...