Friday Fotos & an Awesome "ME" Day

Friday, June 10, 2011
I took off today - for ME! I wanted to have just a day to relax and enjoy all on my own! Well, I'm still doing that, but the at home part will be accompanied by the sound of construction. The contractor started our little remodel project today - I thought he wasn't starting until Monday. No complaint - the sooner he starts, the sooner it's finished! At 10:00 though I'm going to the spa - for Mother's Day hubby bought me a gift card to a new one near the house & today I'm finally taking advantage! Ahhhh...I can't wait! Then tonight it's a girls' evening, too - so Michael and the kids will have their own play night, too!

I have several random pics today for iPhoneography!

First a couple of my babies!
This is actually a crop of a screen shot - we were face-timing with Teta & Aaron was giving kisses!
Look at those puckered lips!!!!
 Then later I was painting & Emma walked into the room, my mascara in hand - apparently she had decided to try it out! LOL!
I also found a couple great photography apps - Diptic and Phontos!!
I played around with them a little this week with pictures of my darlings!
They are fun apps, so give 'em a try! Phontos is free, but Diptic isn't - it was cheap, though. I think like $1.99 or for putting pictures together & you can link up to your online photos, too - not just those on your camera roll!

I also wanted to show off the new camera strap that my mom made a while back - I love giraffe print and hard to believe, but that fabric isn't easy to find! She found some in flannel, which was fine about 4 months ago, but not great for Houston Heat!!! She kept looking though and found some more - Thanks Mom! I love it!

And lastly - two shots of the awesome view at the office. Being on the 27th floor is really cool for the view - especially when there is a storm rolling in. I can literally watch it come up (or down) I-45! I used my Tilt Shift App for these - another favorite photography app for my phone! (I think that would be a good meme - favorite iPhone apps - I love to see what everyone recommends - btw, if you're a Words with Friends fan they just came out with Hanging with Friends - like Hangman. I love it!).
I love tilt shift - I've done some fake tilt shift with some of my pictures so this app is really cool. This is the favorite that I've done in PS, though. This was the Houston Rodeo a few years ago!
They all look like tiny little ants, hee hee! 

Tomorrow we're headed to see Hangover 2 with friends - I can't wait! I have lowered my expectations a little, though b/c really how could they make it any funnier than the first? Comedy sequels usually never compare to the original, but a chance to see Bradley Cooper should never be passed up! :) Does he ever stop smiling???