Ballet, Tap & All that Jazz!!

Monday, June 20, 2011
We had a great weekend! Friday night we took my daddy out to celebrate Father's Day! And I even let Emma take off with my camera so she took some pics for me...I love going back through my camera after she's been running around with it! LOL! And she picked out the wrapping paper for this Geddo got Ariel!
She picked out the wrapping paper!
Then Saturday Michael was up and gone very early with his brother to Galveston to fish...I think they are crazy personally, but 4am just seems to early to get wet in my mind! And though I wasn't planning on it, I was up early, too and working - I'm finally caught up on the wash from the week we were w/out washer or dryer due to the laundry room makeover...

This would be a good segway to before & after pics as promised of the new laundry room...but I have another post written up for that! Ha ha - sorry!

So...where was I? Oh yeah - my Saturday morning was spent in these areas mostly...and I have to say I got a lot done! Then that afternoon we got to see Miss Katelynn's dance recital! She did great - they were so adorable!! She was so adorable!! I wish I had better pics, but I wasn't too close. I know Jamie will have great pictures, though so you'll have to check her's out! (Honestly - I'm anxiously awaiting her to post them, too - I can't wait to see them. HINT HINT Jamie if you're reading this! I've seen the portraits & loved them.)

(That is Katelynn on the far left - I didn't get any of her 2nd routine b/c at that point I had Aaron in my lap)
Afterwards Jamie & Steven had made reservations for dinner for everyone & had a cute ballerina cake & cupcakes! They gave Katelynn a beautiful new necklace, too with her name & a ballerina on it.
(excuse the peppermint bulging in Emma's cheek - LOL)
By the time we made it home it was after 8:00 and both kids were conked out. I took advantage, ran to Home Depot & purchased some more paint so we could finish the living room. It was around 9:30 when we finally got started & we were totally done & cleaned up everything by 11:30! WE ROCK!!!! Painting is a project we actually do very well together! Ha ha!
Sunday we got up & gave Michael his Father's Day presents - Emma liked the cards best b/c they played music. She keeps sneaking them & opening them up to the hear the music still! Ha ha! After church we headed to Michael's parents' house to celebrate Father's Day! Ya know - dads, y'all are really hard to buy for! This year I got lucky with my own dad b/c his electric razor just happened to be going out & mother mentioned it to me the day before we took him out to dinner - AND she told me he had already scoped one out so I knew just what to get him. That NEVER happens!!!! Same with Michael's dad - heck, and with Michael. So, we let Tommy pick out his own gift this Father's Day & gave him a Lowe's gift card! What was funny is how well we all know him - all his other presents were things that could have come from Lowe's or other home & garden stores!! Ha ha! We also played a game of Texas Hold 'Em - now we didn't get to finish, but I think I was the chip leader when we stopped! First one I knocked out was Michael & he was teaching me how to play! Ha ha! (He'll just say it was good teaching on his part!)

Aaron & Emma had a blast playing with their cousins & I was excited they got to see them twice in one weekend...they don't get to see them often enough & she loves to spend time with them! As soon as we headed home they both were asleep!

We had a good weekend & I think all the daddies in our families had a good Father's Day weekend, too!!!