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Wednesday, May 18, 2011
It is simply fantastic!!! We actually got a Spring this year and I couldn't love it more...means more opportunities for summer sweaters like this one I have on today! The yucky humidity usually means it isn't really comfy to wear stuff like this...
It also means that we are outside more! The muggy weather we usually have is so bad for my migraines, so I really try to take advantage when it's nice to get outside & play! And that's what we did yesterday!!

We ate tomatoes from the garden (Michael gripes b/c we eat them as soon as they're red - but they're just so good!!)
(Emma with a whole cherry tomato in her mouth)
We swang - yep, daddy was in the baby swing! LOL - he's such a goof!
Rode in the car...er, rather Aaron climbed all around the car!
Got my beautiful girl to actually sit still for a second & smile for the camera!
Aaron still rarely looks at the camera, though!
Played baseball!! Hey batter, batter - Suh-wing Batter!
It's been so nice that sometimes I am afraid that we may have to pay for it when summer really gets here! Eek! Trying not to think that way, though!!! Just thankful it's so great today!

What if we woke up tomorrow with only the things we thanked God for today??