Weekend Recap on Tuesday

Tuesday, May 24, 2011
We had such a great weekend!!!

Friday was date night! My parents offered to come over & stay with the kids so we could get out of the house by ourselves for a little while. We went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. It was fantastic!!! I loved the first one - the next two were a little odd - but this one was the best!

Saturday was Spring Cleaning at our house! I worked from about 8:00 in the morning until about 4:00 in the afternoon - I took out three bags of trash (stuff that was just collecting dust), cleaned out my closet & gave it a mini makeover removing two bags of clothes to donate - and a huge box of other miscellaneous "stuff" to donate from the house (tons of baby stuff). We also rearranged our room and I love it - we have so much more space in our room now. It feels like we're in a new place!

Sunday was the most full day of the weekend, though. We went to church, then out for brunch, then blew up the pool at home and filled it with water - Emma I went to the grocery store while the pool filled up & let the sun warm the water a bit, while Aaron napped at home with Daddy (Aaron napped - not Daddy! LOL) - then the kids swam forever & Michael's brother came over to visit for the evening. Then we all went out for dinner & had dessert at Tutti Frutti! Then back home & Emma painted the stepping stone we had made the day before & when we were finished set it outside to dry and mixed up another one & poured it into a mold!

Phew - I love weekends like this one! We got so much accomplished, but had so much fun, too & were completely tired out come Sunday evening!!!

Here's a few pics of my babies having fun in the water! Hope you enjoy them as much as they did playing in the water!

The kids had a blast in the water - then daddy had fun spraying them with the water! 
Aaron tried to grab the water & Emma was running from it! LOL