Our first visit to the Emergency Room

Monday, May 02, 2011
Well, I thought I was going to post about our painting party this weekend, but with kids you can never predict just what is going to happen!!

We had a party planned at Painting with a Twist Saturday evening with friends (btw, if you've never done this give it a try - it's TONS of fun!!)...and about 5:30 we took the kids next door to the babysitter and loaded up with her parents & headed off. Two other couples in the neighborhood and other friends met us out at PwaT and we got our evening started!!

This was the first time we took all the guys, too - we tricked them at first & had a painting displayed of a nude male & told them that's what we would be painting...a few looked like they were about to bolt for the door!!

Michael knew it was a joke, but I'm sure he would have been the first out the door! Ha ha!!

So...we were there about 30 minutes - got set up, visited, had a couple drinks & snacks and proceeded to start painting. I literally did about three paint strokes & my cell phone rang. It was the babysitter - since her mother was sitting across from me & she called me and not her I instantly knew something wasn't good. And it wasn't - she told me that Emma & Carlton had been running around playing tag & the came around a corner, Emma slipped & hit her head on the corner of the bookshelf. She had already called 911 & they were on their way. She said it was pretty deep & she thought it would need stitches - she had been holding a cold, wet rag on it, too.

At first I thought, surely not - butterfly bandages are probably all it needs - after all the head bleeds a lot from simple cuts all the time. Makes it seem worse than it really is...so I took the keys to the neighbors' car since we rode with them, told Michael to stay & keep painting and I would go check it out. I honestly thought it couldn't be that serious. When I drove up (about 4 minutes later) the ambulance was outside with the lights flashing and the EMS guys were inside with the gurney & Emma looked like a cotton swab!! She had gauze wrapped all around her head.
This picture is actually later at the ER, but the same dressing (before the doc took it off) - we told her she looked like she had on a funny hat.

So, I asked the EMS tech if he thought it need stitches or if it would be alright & in fact it did need stitches he said. Now I was really getting worried. I asked about concussion, but he said he didn't think we'd have to worry about that. She was acting fine, her pupils looked good, she wasn't nauseous or anything...but the doctor might do a CT to make sure. I declined the ambulance ride & said I would drive her myself - I didn't figure she needed the drama of an ambulance if it could be avoided. So, went next door, got in our own car, picked up Michael & headed to the ER.

Now if you have kids & you've taken them to the ER before, especially on a Saturday night, you're probably waiting for me to tell you we sat in the waiting room for hours on end & didn't make it home till some time the next morning!!! Well, not this time. I happen to live between an RN & an EMS Firefighter - so we're covered for emergencies & they have the 411 on where to go, too when an emergency happens. My original plan was to go to the ER at the hospital where Emma was born, but my friend (the RN whose house Emma had been at b/c her daughter is our babysitter) said to go to the surgery center where she worked instead - we walked right in!!!!! We were the only people there & Emma got looked at immediately. Aside from anything life threatening, this is where we'll go from now on!

After the questions & paper work the doctor came in to check it out & he said the magic words: NO SHOTS! Hallelujah! He said, though it was deep he thought they could use the glue on it and that it would be alright.

So, while Emma sat back on her bed (I was about two inches from her face b/c she got pretty scared when they made her lay back) I watched them uncover, open & clean her would - it was deep. I honestly can't believe we got out of there with glue instead of stitches. (WARNING: TMI details coming up...) I didn't think there was enough meat on a person's forehead for a cut this deep. The doctor poured saline water through it over and over to clean it & each time they had to open it just a bit to make sure it all got cleaned out so I saw up close & personal how deep this was.

When it was all over here's how her head ended up looking...
We were out of the ER in about an hour - got Emma a strawberry shake for being so good - and were home by 8:30 - less than two hours after the initial phone call!!!  Emma was so brave and only cried a couple of times - she did lose it once when they wanted her to lay down on the bed at the ER, so they just reclined it instead of making it flat. 

I was proud of myself, too. I was in control through the entire evening - I mean, even if I wanted to lose it, I don't think I would have let myself in front of Emma & since I wasn't leaving her side it just wasn't an option. I mean, I had to be strong for my big girl! 

I still can't believe she was the first to go to the ER from the kids in our little group - I really thought it would be my little bulldozer Aaron, or even the little boy next door - his parents actually said the same thing! LOL! Today she is at school & she and Carlton will, no doubt, have to tell everyone the story about what happened.