Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Images in Print...Well, Cyber-Print Anway!

Hey - that's my picture embedded in that article (click the picture for the full article)!!

Got a message this morning that my picture was used in this article...awesome! The article is about working from home; though, typically I don't work from home I do from time to time when needed. This was one of those times as we were having hardwood floors put down in the house - sure was comfy to work in my pj's!

Here's the original picture I took for the 52 Weeks Project:
Week 1: Working from home...


  1. YEAH! That is exciting to have a picture featured!!! Great picture by the way and perfect for this article. Love the coffee drinking jammy wearing feel of it all;0 THat is so my life! haha

  2. It was a great picture that fit perfectly with the content of the article. Thanks for the link back! :)


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