Ice Cream, Naked Babies, Water Hose & Watermelon

Monday, May 09, 2011
Aaron had his first ice cream cone Saturday. I can't believe he hasn't had one up until this point! He's had ice cream, of course, and he's had bites of other people's ice cream cones, but Saturday he got to enjoy his very own...all by himself! Needless to say he enjoyed every bit of it!! Of course, first the shirt came off, then we moved outside to finish it, then eventually all the clothes had to be removed! Ha ha - I think he was a very happy boy to run outside naked!
After the ice cream was finished we figured it was just easier to hose him down outside...and that's when the fun really started!! LOL! His favorite thing was splashing the water as it pooled in his chair - Emma would fill it, then he would splash it all out & they'd do it all over again - he giggled the whole time! (Yes, I put a fig leaf on my son - gotta have some modesty!)
Giving Emma the hose was fun - she chased my mother all around the yard! Ha ha! Run Teta!!
We were finally able to entice them out of the water, though with watermelon! It was yummy, too! Emma took her watermelon back out to the yard - she had discovered the fun of the blue chair filled with water, too - though instead of splashing it with her hands like he did, she plopped her hiney down on the chair & splashed all the water out! You can sort of make out the water splashing from under her bum in the picture! Kids get tickled so easily - thank God for that b/c I love that laughter!

Aaron loved the watermelon, too - can ya tell??
I love this face!!! 

He and Emma played hard all afternoon & it really tired them out as you can see...we didn't make it five minutes down the road till he passed out!
Emma was a little water baby all weekend really - Friday evening with the neighbors, Saturday at my parents', Saturday evening with the neighbors again & then Sunday at Michael's brother's house...he & Jamie had everyone over for a fish fry for Mother's Day. That was super yummy, too - I haven't had fried fish in FOREVER! And Jamie made a delicious chocolate cake - there was ice cream in the cake mix! How scrumptious does that sound!?!?

All these activities, plus our Date Day on Friday, made for a great Mother's Day Weekend for times with my babies & the rest of the family - what else could a mother ask for??

I hope you all had a great Mother's Day, too!!

Happy Monday