Friday Fotos

Friday, May 27, 2011
I tried a new recipe this week that I found at Kristance Ann's site! And it was a big hit in our house!
I give you Brie & Bacon Quiche! Yum-O!
This was a treat, too b/c you don't usually find bacon in our house! And put it together with brie!?!? Talk about fantastic!!
Also - do you get these things from your dentist? When I get a check up I get these cute little pouches with my new toothbrush, dental floss, toothpaste & my next appointment card. I always keep the little bag b/c I use it when I travel to carry my toothbrush in and keep it clean - but I have so many I've started repurposing them, too - awesome for keeping all the little things together like pony tail holders!


I am combining iPhoneography & Momma in Focus today...we've had a little icky in our house, so we haven't had a lot of camera time. I think we're all about 100% again, though...which is good b/c we have big plans for the weekend!
The prompt for Momma in Focus this week was LOVE!! Can't think of anything better when photographing your kiddos than love either!

My baby boy loves his Momma!
So much he nearly squeezed my nose off!! LOL
And so does my Little Princess...
And I love them both dearly!

Like I said we all weren't 100% this week so it was sweet that they came & snuggled in the bed with me for a little in the afternoon - made my day!