I don't know how to keep it up...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011
Emma's hair I mean! We've been braiding it up a lot lately - keeps it out of her face and off her neck, great especially since it is getting warm - and it's just pretty!!! For church or other things it usually looks great all day, but for some reason, if I send her to school with it all done up, she always comes home looking like a ragamuffin!!

If I only do a couple of braids it's usually alright. Yesterday, though I did it very similar to this (without the flower), except I also braided the part hanging down & looped it through with the topsy tail again. I thought, "Yeah - this is gonna stay up all day!" I was so wrong - she came home with almost all it falling down.
I don't get that. Emma has great hair and a lot of it, but it's pretty fine and will slip out easily. So I try to do small tight braids. My neighbor does the same with her little girl's hair, but she told me she puts mousse in it and it helps hold it better. I've been hesitant about putting products in Emma's hair, but I might try it.

If you have a little girl with all this hair, what do you do to it to keep it up and looking good all day - at day care she naps and I know during that time some of it happens I'm sure. Do you use products in her hair?

Seeking hair help!!!