Friday Fotos

Friday, May 20, 2011

This is the way we brush our teeth
"This is the way we brush our teeth, brush our teeth, brush our teeth...
This is the way we brush our teeth so early in the morning!"

Michael went to play basketball after worked, so I picked up both kids (he usually gets Emma) and headed home to start dinner. We had giant meatballs last night!! Which I totally thought Emma would be all about b/c she could help me cook and get her hands all in it! In my mind I thought she'd love it b/c it would be like play doh - yeah,! It got her hands too dirty!!! I've told you, my little princess does not like to get her hands dirty! Ha ha - Aaron on the other hand - BRING ON THE DIRT!
So anyway, she did help me with dinner and Michael got home just in time to sit down to eat...for dessert we had some yummy blackberries, which made a yummy mess all over Aaron's face, so into the bath they went! While Michael cleaned them up, I cleaned up the kitchen.
When everything was finally done and we were all in our pj's we sat down to play a while and Emma wanted to do my hair - so I sat in the floor so she could brush my hair while Aaron climbed all over me! During all that fun I remembered that FUN was the prompt for the Momma in Focus pictures for today!! Not a toy in sight - just Emma with a brush and Aaron climbing on me, but we were having a blast!
It isn't a great picture, but it was great fun! Getting down on the floor with my kids & playing with them has to be some of the best times in my life! And I hope it'll be some of their favorite memories, too - that mommy & daddy spent time playing with them!

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