Monday, May 16, 2011

Do you plan a weekly menu?

There are a few Weekly Menu memes out there...I guess the most popular, though is over at OrgJunkie's site...
I've never participated, b/c honestly, we never really know from day to day just what we'll want to eat for dinner. But, the advantage of menu planning is that if you're undecided you don't stand in front of the fridge/freezer/pantry with the door open trying to figure out dinner so long that you just end up having cereal!! We actually used to plan meals as we grocery shopped. As something looked good in the grocery story we'd put it in the buggy and before check out take inventory and make sure we had about five meals planned out in the buggy along with the other necessities we needed for the house. Over time we kinda got away from that, though and instead of planning would just buy the essentials and a couple items that looked good with no plan for the week and then we're back to standing in front of the pantry door trying to visualize a meal in there!

So now I want to get back into weekly menu planning - for a couple reasons - it's more budget friendly b/c you buy what you really need and it saves time. With a plan each night I can get home, get dinner done and everything cleaned up early with plenty of play time left in the evening!

If you don't like to meal plan you can always use a site like - they have a cool tool called 1 Bag, 5 Dinners. You can just pick a planned menu from them and they give you the shopping list & all the recipes to print. How easy is that!
Of course, this is only if you like the menu they have for the week. There are a few that are pretty good, but I like to add my own flair to my meals! Though you could always use theirs as a guideline & spruce it up however you like!

So, do you do a weekly meal plan? What's your secret for a successful menu? 


  1. I've just started making a weekly meal plan just so I can go to the grocery store with a list already printed. I'm loving it and not to mention IF my hubby ever had to go to the store it would be super easy for me to print out a list for him! I will have to check out that kraft site, thanks!

  2. SOO cool that you shared this because I was going to blog about something similar only I think yours is probably easier so I will have to check it out!!! Love the idea thank you!!

  3. I do and it is really awesome.

    One thing that I do is: plan a meal that has nothing really perishable for the last day of the week...
    (you know beans and rice, stuff that lies in the freezer)

    That way if we go out unexpectedly or have left overs from other meals as dinner one night it can get pushed back to the next week.

  4. I don't formally plan it at all- but I know I should. We buy a bunch of stuff & sometimes I get with it & cook it all as the week goes on. Most of the time I freeze half of it & then don't pull it out in enough time to thaw & we sit there wondering what the heck to make for dinner :) I am usually a planner, preparer & very organized. But I HATE cooking & dinner is the worst- so this is something I completely avoid. :)

  5. i'm all about meal planning! LOVE IT! i always cook and serve one "new" meal a week. or a food that my husband hasn't tried before. (he led a very sheltered life, food-wise growing up!) love the link! -don't forget tommorrow is tasty tuesday- perfcet to go along with your meal planning!

  6. I'm still catching up on everything I missed while I was on vacation. We meal plan sort of. Usually, when we're on the way to the grocery store the hubs says "what are we going to eat this week?" & I say "um, I don't know. What do you want?" & we go from there!!

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