Date Day...Time Spent That Was Long Overdue

Saturday, May 07, 2011
Michael and I haven't had a date night in a while. And though date nights are fantastic, they can sometimes run we decided to play hooky Friday and spend the whole day together, just the two of us! It was fantastic!! We did let the kids sleep in a little extra - but we still got up and out of the house pretty early. Michael took Emma to day care while I stayed home and got ready - then I ran Aaron to the sitter when he got back (they are in opposite directions) and when I got home, we hit the road!

When I got back Michael had our bikes loaded up and we headed south to Galveston. We hit the seawall about 9:45. First we stopped on the seawall for breakfast - there is just something about looking out at the water that makes food taste better!! We drove up and down the seawall for a little bit, just to see what everyone was up, too. The weather was amazing, but surprisingly it wasn't too we parked, got our bikes out & took off!! We did stop a couple of times to wonder into shops and look around and stopped for a couple camera opps...but mostly we just rode along leisurely, talked & people watched! If we had weather like that year round, it would be heaven!!

Michael showing off that he could ride with no hands...while I was doing my best not to fall riding with one hand while I took this picture!!
Shopping - no buying (Though we did get Emma come cute flip flops)!
Are they me???/
Can you keep up with me??
Yes, I was in a skirt & flip flops...ha ha! 
I wasn't 100% what was on the agenda for the day when I got dressed!
Memorial Statue of Storm of 1900
(yes, high noon on a sunny, cloudless day isn't great for these kinds of pics)
When we finished we had rode about 10 miles and it was just about lunch time (like I said, it was a leisurely ride) we loaded the bikes up & decided to have lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. Yum - it was delicious!! 

Lit by his iPhone! Ha ha!
How would you like to eat with this guy hanging around you!

By that time it was after 3:00, so we decided to miss the traffic and get the kids a little early to have some play time with them, too that it was time to head out! Emma has been asking to go on a picnic for a while, so that's what we had planned for dinner! We got home & Emma and I went to the grocery store to shop for our picnic. This was the best idea and I'll give her all the credit - we'll definitely do this more often! And dessert? No question - Tutti Frutti!!
 Getting into the chips!! Here Mommy - you want one!?!?

Best ending to our day we could've asked for! After the kids went to bed Michael and I ended our night cuddling on the couch & relaxing with a little TV!

So, it's official...I think I like Date Days better than Date Nights now!

Have a Super Saturday!
And Happy Mother's Day!!