We Grew A Lollipop!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011
Emma is an amazing gardener! Yesterday she planted some Jelly Beans...
She was pretty proud!! She plants things with her daddy all the time, so she already knew just what to do! She didn't understand the Easter Grass, though b/c "we needed to plant them in the dirt" - so there was dirt in the bottom and Easter Grass on top. That was the magic ingredient!! And they can only grow during Easter time!
And just look what grew over night!!!
She was so excited! She walked past it this morning a couple of times before looking up on the bar at it...then she looked up finally and was at a loss for words at first!! Then she said, "Hey, who's lollipop is that?" I didn't answer her, so she looked back at it and said, "My jelly beans grew!!!!"

She couldn't wait to "pick it" and get to licking on it - she hasn't put it down yet!! I did make her wait at least until she finished her oatmeal this morning! Ha ha! Hey, I'm a cool mom, but she needs her breakfast before candy at least, right???