Monday, April 04, 2011
Okay - it seems like I was just posting about my babies (and me & Michael) being sick...and just when I think we're all out of the woods, here we go again. We had a great weekend out of town visiting my family and came home early yesterday...we hung out yesterday all day with the neighbors & had an impromptu crawfish boil that was so yummy!!! Everyone acted like they felt just fine - Emma was running all over the place like usual playing with all her friends - we even went out for dessert at Tutti Fruitti. Then bam this morning, Emma wakes up with a 102.4 fever - where did that come from??? Needless to say there was no way she could go to school like that - so I called in & we all stayed home today.

I gave her some Motrin early this morning and her fever has been coming down - it's under 100 now...and I called the doctor & she told me that since she didn't have any more symptoms and her fever was down not to bring her in. Said it's probably something viral and just to keep an eye on her today and tomorrow. Plenty of fluids and as long as I can keep her fever down she should be alright.

My kids have never been sick much - in Emma's 4 years she has really only been sick maybe 3 times that warranted staying home. Aaron had chronic ear infections from 9 to 12 months, which led to tubes, but otherwise nothing else really...and in the last month I feel like I've been nursing them enough to make up for all that time. I hope this is just a passing thing - I hate to see my babies sick. 

So far Aaron seems to be fine - he doesn't have a fever - he does have a slight runny nose, but it's all clear. He's napping now - he was up & playing hard all morning, though. LOL - he was actually in very rare form this morning being a little joker all morning - laughing at everything!!!

And I've been playing on the computer some - I don't get a lot of computer play time, though I work on a computer all day every day! The last few weeks, though I've been working a lot in PS and Lightroom - which has been fun for me. So, I played around with a couple of pictures of the kids this morning & thought I would share them!
 I love the velvet action in the first one & the soft autumn action in the second, but I think the fabric texture in the third picture is my favorite - I did the same treatments in PS to a picture of Aaron. I also like the fabric texture on the third picture of him, but I think the velvet action on the first picture is my favorite of his pictures.
And speaking of Aaron, I think I hear him waking up from his nap - so I gotta run! Emma is starting to feel a little better from this morning (when I originally started on this post - I've been going back and forth to it for about four hours now)...her fever has stayed below 100 since it originally came down around 9:00 this morning from the 102.4 she had at 6:30. Let's pray it stays that way and is normal in the morning...