Pictures, Pictures & (Yep - you guessed it) More Pictures...

Thursday, April 14, 2011
So Tuesday Michael played basketball after work and didn't come home till late - so the kids & I had a very quick & early dinner & then headed outside to play for a while. A while turned into over two hours, but we had fun & I took a ton of quick snaps of the kids. Emma has moved her little table under her swing set so she can reach the trapeze bar w/out being lifted now - so she was doing tricks for us. Aaron was busy pulling the leaves off daddy's plants & telling Sable "NO!". And I just sat back & watched them be kiddos!! It was so nice outside, too - I wish the weather could stay nice here, but I know the nasty summer of Houston isn't far off...

So - here are a few of my favorite pics of my babies...I need to get another really good one of the two of them together like this one to make another canvas to hang in the house. It's too hard to keep Aaron still, though honestly!! Ha ha!
In the picture on the right above Emma was scooping me up some strawberry ice cream! She was serving it to everyone!!
Poor Aaron - he tried over and over and over again to climb UP the slide - but it was just like he was on a treadmill - his little feet were working hard, he just didn't make any progress!! Soon baby boy!
And he spent a lot of time playing in his car - see the static in his hair! It was standing on end from rubbing on the roof of the car!! Ha ha! You can see Emma in the background on the table I mentioned before - she liked being able to get up on the trapeze bar w/out any help!!!
Since it's staying light longer these days we'll have a lot more time to hang out in the backyard and play...I just hope this little cool snap will hang around in the evenings, too otherwise it's just going to get miserable outside.