Old McDonald's Farm

Monday, April 25, 2011
Soooo many pictures were taken this week, so I figure I better go in chronological order for posts to keep everything in order and to keep from having a post that's a mile long!!!

Friday I was off for Good Friday, so Michael decided to take the day off as well...we couldn't make up our minds about a Date Day or a day with the kids...in the end we decided to do something fun with the kids instead and it was a great day outside for it! The weather was awesome!! We took the kids to Old McDonald's Farm & they loved it! We've been a few times before & it's always a lot of fun. I'd love to have their b'day party there one year, but in December & February you never know just how the weather is going to be here...

Aaron is definitely my brave one - he just barreled right on up in the middle of all the animals.
And the cages we couldn't go in, he climbed on to better reach the animals!!
I think Emma PREFERRED reaching through the cages, though!

With the little lambs Aaron was so cute - he even reached around and hugged up one of them. I mean they were so soft, why not??? (Full on hug posted in my previous entry!)

Emma didn't wanna get that close! She did ride the little horses, though. Lately that has been her thing. She was scared for so long & now whenever we go anywhere with horses (or even camels once) to ride she is all for it!

They had fun in the dirt, too - Aaron saw these big trucks more as ride-ons, though!! Ha ha!
And Michael didn't want the kids to have all the fun - he got to play a little, too!
(Sorry for this blurry pic - ha ha - he caught me off guard and I wasn't camera ready! LOL)