Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Top 50...err 36!

I have a set on Flickr for my Top 50 Most Interesting by Flickr. Interesting is a Flickr feature. And when photos reach a certain "something" of interestingness, they make it to Explore!

I've actually only had three of my pics make it to Explore!

Big Grin

The combination of things that get a picture into Explore seems to vary a LOT - and some of my friends have TONS of pictures in Explore (b/c they are way cool photographers)!! I'm excited three of my pics made it, especially b/c I'm not really very social on Flickr anymore like i used to be.

I do like to peruse Explore and see what kind of pics are currently out there - some are so interesting & others I really wonder why they made Explore - or why they are interesting. Even some of my for instance this picture. Why is it in my top 50??
Back Seat Driver

So, back to my Top 50...I created a set to capture my Top 50 Most Interesting pics (so this set changes all the time) and created a Mosaic of these pics - the mosaic maker, though only went to 36 pictures and 50 is just too many pics to manually create my own mosaic from, so I settled for 36! You can see all 50 in the link above anyway! Ha ha!!! The first two are in Explore and the 10th picture (the drug store sign)'s moved down in my set since it made Explore I guess! LOL

Top 36

Anyway - just something totally random for today - I hope you all have a  
Wonderful Wednesday!!!

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  1. there is a lot of diversity in these shots! The parrots are so pretty;0. I really want to get out and get some more creative shooting time..industrial stuff like your rug sign. I like shots like that! FUn collage! AI tonight!! woohoo!


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