Morning comes too early...

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Update on Emma:Well, her fever stayed down almost all day, until around 4:30 when it jumped back up to 102. So, I gave her some Motrin which worked pretty quick - thankfully. We met my parents for dinner & she ended up spending the night with them in case it came back so they could keep her while I came in to work today. And sure enough around 8:00 her fever had crept back to around 100 degrees. Mother gave her some Tylenol & it went back down & as of this morning she still doesn't have fever - I pray it stays that way.

I called her doctor yesterday & they said not to bring her in since that was her only symptom - most likely it was viral & they couldn't do anything for her. *sigh* They just told me to watch her for about 48 hours, keep her fever down & plenty of fluids in her & let it run its course. I hate stuff like this - makes me feel so helpless. For the most part she acts like she feels fine - you can always tell when her fever is on the rise, though b/c that's when she starts to get very lethargic. As soon as the medicine starts to kick in, though, she is perky & energetic all over again. So far Aaron seems to be fine - his runny nose seems to be getting better & he's as energetic as ever! That boy can wear anyone out!! LOL