Momma in Focus Friday

Friday, April 01, 2011
One Day At A Time

I love pictures - I love the stories they can tell - and they tell the best stories when they aren't posed I think. That's what this picture is all about...I took a ton of pics of me and the kids outside yesterday and had Michael snap a couple, too and all the ones I "posed" did not move me like this one did...

I wanted to get some pics in front of our Azaleas before the blooms were gone & we did pose for a couple of pictures, but then we just started playing and I was tickling the kids & Michael snapped a couple more - this was my favorite I think b/c none of us were looking at the camera - we were too busy laughing & playing.
Tickling & Laughing
(I also got to use a great action in PS on this picture that worked so great with the flowers!!)

For This Child I Have Prayed...