Momma (& Daddy) in Focus Friday

Friday, April 15, 2011
One Day At A Time

The prompt for this week's Momma in Focus Friday was Jammies!!! How fun - who doesn't love to lay around in their pj's!?!?! For this picture I thought it would be fun to all pile up in Emma's bed, so when we tucked her in Monday night I just set up the camera and grabbed my remote & snapped away while we played, said our prayers & tucked her into bed - so this week it's Momma & Daddy in Focus! (Michael & I weren't really in our pj's, though - we had gone on a walk & only the kids had got cleaned up and ready for bed...but we were still in our comfy clothes!! Ha)

Usually I let Aaron say good night to everyone, tuck him into his crib, then we go into Emma's room to say her prayers & tuck her in, too. This time, though we let Aaron help us so he could get in the pictures with us, of course! Emma thought it was funny that we were all piled up in her bed! You would think playing like that just before bed would wire them up & they wouldn't sleep, but really it doesn't - some nights we read a book and have a very calm time going to bed - but other nights it is really what you see below - we get in her room and cut up and play for a few minutes, then she sits down, says her prayers & it's lights out!

"Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
Angels watch me through the night
And keep me in their blessed site"