It's been a crazy week and will be a crazy weekend...

Friday, April 08, 2011
I did not get a chance to get pictures up today for Momma in Focus Friday - Boooooo!!!
One Day At A Time

I did have an auto post scheduled for yesterday with pics of me and the kids, though - so I'm happy for that!! We've been at an offsite the past two days for work and my schedule has been all off kilter!!

So a few random things today to lead me into the weekend & the plan for the weekend...
  • The heel on my heels today is having issues - issues in that it's coming off!! ACK!!! 
  • I'm having a Pampered Chef Party Sunday & haven't bought groceries yet...
  • I have a ton of pics I need to process & haven't started on them yet!!
  • I have errands I need to do Saturday, but also need to get my house in order for the party Sunday
  • My laundry is piling up on me...did get one load done yesterday, but it still isn't put up
  • We are planning a Painting with a Twist party & need to go by there this weekend to schedule it & pick out the painting we want to do
  • I have a giveaway post I need to work on & get up for this weekend
And I'll leave you with this:
This is Aaron's latest thing - he does this little headstand & then puts his hands out to the side & waves them around! Then stands up to see who was watching & laughs!! Ha ha!!! This was last weekend at my Grannie's house. She got a kick out him!

Have a great Friday everyone!