iPhoneography for my Weekend Update

Monday, April 18, 2011

We had a great mini four day vacay in ETx!!! I always feel like I am home when I see this view:
The "Big Bridge" heading into Broaddus - my home town. My teeny tiny hometown!!!

It was cooler than I thought it was going to be, but it was the wind that blew me away (pun intended!)...I couldn't believe how much the wind blew! It was mostly the guys that got affected - Michael & my brother fished a tournament this weekend & the wind the first two days really beat them up on the lake. And b/c the lake is so far down right now, there weren't a lot of coves to hide in either. But they had a good time & the third day the water was like glass! My brother did bring in a big fish Sunday, but at the last minute the fish took a dive & broke his line - so you know it was a big fish! Michael took this pictures right after that:
My brother would live on the water if he could - we've always joked that he could catch a fish in a mud puddle! I think this picture is the epitome of him - and it's a beautiful picture, too. Can you believe it was just with Michael's iPhone!?!?

Actually this weekend was only captured via iPhone, hence the link up at the top of the post. Some weekends are just like that!

I visited my old school, too. It's all elementary now, though b/c the town got a new Jr. High & HS - my old gym, though was used over the weekend for a class reunion. For several classes actually from 57-62 I think. My mother's time - we went up the day before b/c my aunt was decorating & looked around. It was weird seeing it after so many years and b/c it really isn't used anymore - just for elementary PE I think. I don't think I've been in there but maybe once or twice since my HS graduation.
I also worked on a new project this weekend - you saw this picture already (actually most of these pictures) if you follow me on Twitter. Mother found a new crochet pattern for dishrags using cotton yarn & I love them! They actually work better than any I've bought in the store & it's fun to make your own!
I started this one on the way up to ETx & ended up giving it to my aunt...so I did another one while we were there & gave that one to my Grannie.
I love this basket weave pattern!! And these rags are super durable & are good for scrubbing pans that you don't want to use something abrasive on...I plan to make lots more!

This was funny, too - when I was little my Grannie's washing machine was a little wild. Or at least it got a little wild during the rinse cycle. So, when it would start we would actually go sit on it! LOL - I'm not kidding. And as kids, we thought it was so funny!! Now, I don't think she still has that same washer, but the one she has now also gets a little wild during the spin cycle...and Emma got to be the one to sit on it - she thought it was as funny as I did! You know you're from the country when...
We did sit Aaron up there & he laughed a bit, but wasn't interested in sitting on it through the whole cycle! LOL

He was more interested in the produce - Grannie has some tomatoes out on the table & I looked up and found Aaron walking around with one eating it like an apple!! Runs in the family I guess, my mother, me & Emma all do the same thing - actually Michael will, too!
Aaron also found a new spot to watch cartoons - he loved this little stool & he was so cute sitting there!!
The top of the stool says:
"This little stool is mine
I use it all the time
To reach the things I couldn't
And lots of things I shouldn't!"
 The kids played a lot outside, too - the weather during the afternoons was so nice - the mornings were a little cold, though. They built a playhouse, er rather a clubhouse is what Emma kept calling it outside behind the shed. She kept getting upset with Aaron b/c he was pulling her dishes off the stove!!
And walked around in my brother's garden a while, too...
We spent a lot of time up in town, too - at my other brother's house, we had dinner out at the Dairy Mart (yes, that's the real name of the place b/c when it opened 50 years ago it was a Dairy Mart - serving shakes and ice cream & such)...we drove down the house I grew up in on the lake. I didn't take a picture b/c it was sad - mother always worked so hard & made the yard look so beautiful. Well, the people that live there now apparently do a great job inside (they are into antiques I've heard), but they aren't gardeners. Mother's flower beds are all gone - only the hedges are there, but they've let the red tips get terribly tall - I mean, I thought they were trees when we drove up!!! Mother made a comment that we had pictures of the house when it looked good & that's how we should remember it anyway - and she is right. I need to find some of those pictures to post - it was a great house! Set on a couple acres of land right on the water - with a big pool in the back and tons of beautiful trees all around! That's how I want to remember it! We also drove around to some of the other neighborhoods with gorgeous houses right on the lake - which all have beach front right now b/c the water is so low. I have never seen the lake this low in my life.

All in all it was a great four days...I was glad to be back in my bed last night. That's always true, though. This week is another short week actually - since we're off Friday for Good Friday. Then Easter is Sunday & this Easter Bunny needs to get on the move & get Easter baskets ready. Thankfully (thanks to my mom actually) Emma already has her Easter dress (it's beautiful) and Aaron has his Easter outfit, too. They are going to look so good - maybe I can get Aaron to be still & actually look at the camera long enough for me to get a good picture of the two of them for another canvas, too!!! Fingers crossed!

I hope you all had a great weekend!!

Happy Monday!