Easter Pictures

Tuesday, April 26, 2011
So, Sunday morning after the kids got all pretty for church I wanted to take pictures of them - we only had a few minutes and I knew the rest of the day would be super busy, so I conceded to just snap a couple of quick ones & know that we would get them dressed up again & go somewhere pretty to take pictures. Well, after I snapped my couple of quick pictures of them I made a comment that I didn't really get the pictures that I wanted...Emma overheard this & told me, very nicely, "YOU GET WHAT YOU GET & YOU DON'T PITCH A FIT!!!"

UH - WHA???? Apparently that is what they are told at school! LOL! I posted this to Twitter & FB and several of my teacher friends did in fact confirm that they told the kids in their classroom this. It was pretty funny! So, now I use it back on her if she whines when I tell her NO about something! Ha ha!! Good one Emma!

So - like I said, I only took a couple pictures of them all dressed up, but I took tons Saturday & Sunday of them having fun & hunting Easter Eggs! Saturday we were at my in-law's house & Sunday we went to church with my family and then back to my parents' house to celebrate with everyone. My kids should be pro Easter Eggs hunters by now - they hunted at the baby sitter's house, at Grandma & Grandpa's (Michael's parents), at church and then at Geddo & Teta's (my parents) house!!

Here are a few of the nearly 200 pictures from all our Easter celebrating...
Emma was very proud of her Cinderella dress
Waiting at the backdoor to run find eggs!
I think they liked the cookies the Easter Bunny brought more than anything...
Getting to the good stuff...the candy inside!
I need some eggs in here!!
Now time to relax after all that egg huntin' & watch cartoons!!