Easter Egg Hunt at Grammy's

Thursday, April 21, 2011
We have the greatest baby sitter!! Honestly, I feel like I am taking Aaron (and Emma when she went) to their grandparents' house instead of to a baby sitter! She loves them like they are family and they in turn love her as well!! And being a first time mom with Emma she helped me out a lot, too! Helped with potty training, food, manners, just everything...when they were sick with something minor I didn't have to miss work b/c she would take care of them, when Aaron had to have breathing treatments she gave them to him (along with two of the other boys needing them at the same time)...and when Emma was there at about 18 months ALL the kids got that Rotavirus at the SAME time! YUCK is all I have to say, but Grammy still kept them all and took care of them - I think there were four at that time!

So, along with everything she already does, she always buys them something for Christmas & has an Easter Egg Hunt for them every year - which is what we did yesterday! It's always fun & lots of kids she used to keep come back for it, too!!

Aaron didn't just limit his hunt to eggs, though!! LOL! Emma showing me her loot!

Aaron got a lesson from Big Sister about exactly where to find the goodies - inside the eggs!!!
All that egg hunting is hard work, so it was juice break time...then back to egg hunting!
Then he found out it was much more fun to transfer eggs from one person's basket to another - easier, too - let them hunt then just take the eggs for yourself!! Ha ha! (No - I didn't let my son steal eggs!!)

And it's not just Grammy that is great - Grappy (her hubby) is, too!! He takes the kids outside to play when it's nice, he has a garden that he let's them pick & eat fresh veggies from...and he can build anything! We have a great kid-size picnic table in our backyard he built and he built the kids a great swing set with slides, monkey bars, single and double swings...it's awesome!! Aaron loves it & these little swings are so cute!
This is the double (obviously) and he makes a single seater just like this...with a safety bar in front as well as straps to keep the kids safe!

So, the Easter holiday is well under way for the Kubeczka's!! Tomorrow Michael & I are off and we haven't decided if we're going to have a "date day" and let Emma go to her school Easter Party & Aaron stay with Grammy - or keep them both with us & have an adventure all together!! Then Saturday we'll be at Michael's parents' house for dinner & Easter Egg hunting and the kids will get to see their cousins & spend time playing with them - something I wish they got to do more often! Then Easter Sunday we'll be in church with my parents and the kids will hunt eggs there, too then back to my parents' house with the whole family (and more cousins) to grill & hunt Easter Eggs again...my kids are gonna be pro egg hunters! LOL!!

I hope to post a few pics of our Easter over the weekend, but it's gonna be a busy weekend...so if not I'll have a big follow up Easter post with plenty of pictures to share and I wish for you all to have a HAPPY EASTER!!

He is not here...for He has risen!