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Mooooo...Meet Bessie!

Aren't all cows named Bessie? 
That's what I think, that's what I called this one at Old McDonald's Farm. I thought she was pretty - and she actually seemed to like being petted on. I guess living in a place like that with kids touching you everyday she has just got used to it!!

 Hope you're having a fantastic weekend so far!!
(be sure to come back around Monday - new giveaway being posted. You're really gonna like this one! Here's a hint: ribbons, hairbows, dresses...oh my!)

Photo Friday: Primary Colors - RED

It's been a while since I participated in this challenge - so I thought today would be a good day for it!

Have a Fabulous Friday!!

Will Power is my Friend {And Wordless Wednesday}

So, this was the scene when I walked into our biweekly meeting this morning!! ACK!!! I had to draw upon a lot of will power, but I was able to make it through without partaking! LOL

Easter Pictures

So, Sunday morning after the kids got all pretty for church I wanted to take pictures of them - we only had a few minutes and I knew the rest of the day would be super busy, so I conceded to just snap a couple of quick ones & know that we would get them dressed up again & go somewhere pretty to take pictures. Well, after I snapped my couple of quick pictures of them I made a comment that I didn't really get the pictures that I wanted...Emma overheard this & told me, very nicely, "YOU GET WHAT YOU GET & YOU DON'T PITCH A FIT!!!"

UH - WHA???? Apparently that is what they are told at school! LOL! I posted this to Twitter & FB and several of my teacher friends did in fact confirm that they told the kids in their classroom this. It was pretty funny! So, now I use it back on her if she whines when I tell her NO about something! Ha ha!! Good one Emma!

So - like I said, I only took a couple pictures of them all dressed up, but I took tons Saturday & S…

Old McDonald's Farm

Soooo many pictures were taken this week, so I figure I better go in chronological order for posts to keep everything in order and to keep from having a post that's a mile long!!!

Friday I was off for Good Friday, so Michael decided to take the day off as well...we couldn't make up our minds about a Date Day or a day with the the end we decided to do something fun with the kids instead and it was a great day outside for it! The weather was awesome!! We took the kids to Old McDonald's Farm & they loved it! We've been a few times before & it's always a lot of fun. I'd love to have their b'day party there one year, but in December & February you never know just how the weather is going to be here...

Aaron is definitely my brave one - he just barreled right on up in the middle of all the animals.
And the cages we couldn't go in, he climbed on to better reach the animals!!
I think Emma PREFERRED reaching through the cages, though!


Easter Post Coming, but Had to Share This Cuteness First

We Grew A Lollipop!!!

Emma is an amazing gardener! Yesterday she planted some Jelly Beans...
She was pretty proud!! She plants things with her daddy all the time, so she already knew just what to do! She didn't understand the Easter Grass, though b/c "we needed to plant them in the dirt" - so there was dirt in the bottom and Easter Grass on top. That was the magic ingredient!! And they can only grow during Easter time!
And just look what grew over night!!!
She was so excited! She walked past it this morning a couple of times before looking up on the bar at it...then she looked up finally and was at a loss for words at first!! Then she said, "Hey, who's lollipop is that?" I didn't answer her, so she looked back at it and said, "My jelly beans grew!!!!"

She couldn't wait to "pick it" and get to licking on it - she hasn't put it down yet!! I did make her wait at least until she finished her oatmeal this morning! Ha ha! Hey, I'm a cool mom, but sh…

Easter Egg Hunt at Grammy's

We have the greatest baby sitter!! Honestly, I feel like I am taking Aaron (and Emma when she went) to their grandparents' house instead of to a baby sitter! She loves them like they are family and they in turn love her as well!! And being a first time mom with Emma she helped me out a lot, too! Helped with potty training, food, manners, just everything...when they were sick with something minor I didn't have to miss work b/c she would take care of them, when Aaron had to have breathing treatments she gave them to him (along with two of the other boys needing them at the same time)...and when Emma was there at about 18 months ALL the kids got that Rotavirus at the SAME time! YUCK is all I have to say, but Grammy still kept them all and took care of them - I think there were four at that time!
So, along with everything she already does, she always buys them something for Christmas & has an Easter Egg Hunt for them every year - which is what we did yesterday! It's alwa…

Color It By Numbers Giveaway

For your little artists...
Kids are so creative! And today they are all about the computer! ColorItByNumbers is a great tool that puts creativity together with learning! Kids learn to use & navigate the computer along with how to recognize colors & numbers. Or if they would just like to use their own imagination you can turn off the guide & let them use their favorite colors without prompts! Let their imagination run wild!!
These have surely come a long way from the color by number books I had as a kid!
These books are suitable for all screen resolutions as well as for use on Macs, PCs, Linux and is also multi-lingual (English, Spanish, German, French & Russian). There are many pictures to choose from in three difference categories: 
ANIMALS PRINCESSES VEHICLES Features of this program are: three coloring modeseasy to change preset colorscute and exciting imagesbeautiful effects.adapted for all screen resolutionsthe picture is automatically saved after exiting the pro…

My Top 50...err 36!

I have a set on Flickr for my Top 50 Most Interesting by Flickr. Interesting is a Flickr feature. And when photos reach a certain "something" of interestingness, they make it to Explore!

I've actually only had three of my pics make it to Explore!

The combination of things that get a picture into Explore seems to vary a LOT - and some of my friends have TONS of pictures in Explore (b/c they are way cool photographers)!! I'm excited three of my pics made it, especially b/c I'm not really very social on Flickr anymore like i used to be.

I do like to peruse Explore and see what kind of pics are currently out there - some are so interesting & others I really wonder why they made Explore - or why they are interesting. Even some of my for instance this picture. Why is it in my top 50??

So, back to my Top 50...I created a set to capture my Top 50 Most Interesting pics (so this set changes all the time) and created a Mosaic of these pics - the mosaic make…

iPhoneography for my Weekend Update

We had a great mini four day vacay in ETx!!! I always feel like I am home when I see this view:
The "Big Bridge" heading into Broaddus - my home town. My teeny tiny hometown!!!

It was cooler than I thought it was going to be, but it was the wind that blew me away (pun intended!)...I couldn't believe how much the wind blew! It was mostly the guys that got affected - Michael & my brother fished a tournament this weekend & the wind the first two days really beat them up on the lake. And b/c the lake is so far down right now, there weren't a lot of coves to hide in either. But they had a good time & the third day the water was like glass! My brother did bring in a big fish Sunday, but at the last minute the fish took a dive & broke his line - so you know it was a big fish! Michael took this pictures right after that:
My brother would live on the water if he could - we've always joked that he could catch a fish in a mud puddle! I think this picture i…