Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Warning: Non-Professional Cake Decorating Going On Here!

So...for Aaron's b'day this year we had a football theme, remember?? For his smash cake I told you that mother and I made him a little football cake! I was pretty proud of it, to be honest. No, it wasn't anything extraordinary, but we I am not a cake decorator. Mother could be...she does a pretty good job at it! 

I had asked about a little football smash cake when we ordered his party cake...and no one could make just what I wanted, so we just decided to make it ourselves!
It sounded pretty simple! We made a chocolate cake - a small round chocolate cake...
Then proceeded to start shaving off the sides...when the cake baked it naturally rose in the center so we had a curve on the top already. We just had to start shaving off the edges to get a football shape for the rest of the cake...we really didn't have to shave off too much! And we ended up with this!
After we got the shape just about how we wanted it I iced the cake with a thick layer of chocolate icing. (Honestly I may have used too much - Aaron didn't mind!!) The icing smoothed out the holes and bumps of the cake, but I still of course, had a few lines from my knife.
I warned you this was non-professional, didn't I??? So, at this point I figured it was iced nicely enough and it was time to draw the laces and such on it...
This I knew I wouldn't be able to do...so I turned it over to mother and she drew the laces and wrote Aaron's name and #1 on the top of the cake, er...football!

On party day we transferred the cake to a Texans plate...
I was pleased with it...
as was Aaron...
 (photo courtesy of Elaine)

So maybe we won't go into business any time soon, but I think it made it that much more special for Aaron's 1st birthday party...and actually Emma had a homemade cake for her 4th b'day as well.

My mom made this cake cor Emma - I asked for one that looked like water for Ariel!
Though I did buy cupcakes to go along side it...I just added the sucker toppers...
So...semi homemade! LOL!


  1. good job on the football cake! I need to make one for Daisy to do a cake smash;0. He looks really happy to be eating that deliciousness! ;0

  2. I thought the cake was adorable the first time I saw it. Good job!


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