Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sickness came to our house...

This is my baby girl today...

She and I were both sick last night. I picked her up from school at lunchtime bc she had got sick twice...by the time I picked her up she seemed to be feeling a little better so I asked her if she wanted to go home with me or to Grammy's - the babysitter - with Aaron. She said she wanted to go see Grammy so I got her some lunch and we went over there. It's just across the street from my work, too so I liked being close to her if she didn't just want to go home. She ended up not eating and just laying around most of the afternoon...

At 4:30 I picked her and Aaron up and headed home and she crashed before we made it home - and didn't wake up again until this morning when I woke her at 6:30 to go to school. I got sick last night when we got home, too and though I felt a bit drained and weak this morning I felt alright to go to work...but when I woke her up she had a 101.8 fever...so we decided the best thing was to stay home today. If it's just a virus it needs to run its course and get out of her (or our) systems and a fever means she is contagious, so she can't go to school with that anyway...

I didn't bring my work laptop home yesterday and started to go in this morning and get it to work from home, but when I called in I was told everything could wait till tomorrow. Priority was getting my baby well. 

Aaron seems to be fine - he had a fever a couple days last week, but didn't have any other symptoms - so I don't know if he had something and passed it to us or we just got lucky and got this on our own! Either way, today is about getting better. 

It's easy to tell when Emma really doesn't feel well. She is so lethargic today and will most likely lay around like this until she starts to feel better. Her temp is down to 99.8 now...so I pray it continues to go down and this gets out of her system today. Books and cartoons are all she is about right now - we ready two books this morning while it was still dark out and Aaron was asleep and now she is watching cartoons - she did eat one and a half cinnamon rolls and has drank a lot of water this morning.
It's quiet around here - I need my loud and energetic baby girl back!


  1. Poor little thing. She looks pitiful. I hope she's feeling better soon. You too!

  2. aww!! hope your family is feeling better very soon!!

  3. Poor thing! I hope she feels better soon!


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