Thursday, March 03, 2011

Scheduled Post: We're busy today...

Aaron is having tubes put in his ears today - early this morning actually. We've been told it doesn't take long & he'll get to go home not long after the surgery is finished. 
I know it's just tubes and I know they do this everyday, but it's different when it's your own kid going under anesthesia (anesthesia scares me). I know a lot of you have been through these "simple" surgeries with your kids so I'm sure you understand how unnerving it is...
I am sure it's all going to be just fine, but I'll exhale when I know he's awake after the surgery...
I'll update this post as soon as it's over. 

UPDATE: We are done and my big boy did FANTASTIC!!!! All the nurses wanted to keep him!!! 


  1. So glad he did good. Hope this cures him and he can get some relief.

  2. Glad to hear everything went well!!


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