Redemption...and lots more b'day pictures!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011
So first thing I did when I got home yesterday was start working on my pictures!!! Michael handled dinner last night (fried the fish he caught this weekend) so I had a bit of free - and I use that term loosely - time to be on the computer!!!
She loves her brother - we just have to make sure she doesn't love him too tightly!! LOL!
He was only in the bouncer before the party when it wasn't full of the bigger kids -can you tell he loved it!?!?
The cake was yummy!
I loved the little Texans cups I found!!
The football smash cake my mother & I made before it was smashed to smithereens!! Aaron had it in his ears even - it amazes me how babies manage to get food in every little crevice!!
Swinging with Jessie!!
They were such cute cousins in their matching shirts!
Aaron taking his turn at the pinata! I think daddy liked working on his swing with him!
Trying out one of his new toys the next day - Emma had to show him how to crank it!
He got the hang of it pretty quick - and the sound of the mower "cranking" cracked him up!! LOL
Thanks again to everyone that came out for Aaron's first b'day party!!! I have to say it was so much fun & Aaron is so blessed to have so many that love him!!