Quick Weekend Update

Monday, March 28, 2011
We had a very busy weekend - but very fun...until Sunday that is, but I'll get to that...

Friday night we had concert tickets to see Kevin Fowler with my niece, her bf, Michael's brother and some friends...it was a blast! We haven't been out like that in a long, long time & it was a lot of fun!! 

Here are a few pics I snapped with my phone! 
(this is my niece)
We knew it would be a late night so Emma & Aaron spent the night with my parents. They were still getting over being sick all week, too. Emma hadn't been eating all week and my little gobbler Aaron was getting to that point, too. It was awful to see them like that. Saturday morning when we went to get them, though they seemed to be somewhat improved, but still not eating like I wanted. Though they both acted like they felt fine - they ran around all afternoon outside at my parents' house while we did a little yard work there. Then, of course, the moment we drove away they crashed!!! Emma woke up when we made it home & got in the shower - Aaron stayed sound asleep till it was time to go again Saturday evening.

This was Emma Saturday afternoon after her shower - she seemed to be a little bit more perky!

We had Cirque du Soleil tickets for Saturday night so we all headed out for an early dinner. I could tell Aaron was starting to feel better b/c he actually ate pretty well. Emma still did not - even tried bribing her with everything we could think of, but it didn't help much. They stayed with Michael's parents Saturday evening while we went out & other than milk (sour in the their tummies) I said just let them eat anything they would - especially Emma. It was really getting to the point where I didn't care what it was, if it was food she would eat I said okay. I mean Friday she had no color in her lips. She did eat a couple of bites Saturday night, though so I took that as a sign of improvement.

And Ovo - was spectacular!! All their shows are really...and Michael and I did have a good evening out together. It was about 11:30 when we made it home after picking up the kids. When we started to lay down my own tummy started feeling not quite right. I just figured it was allergy related - drainage from the pollen. Boy was I wrong - I was able to fall asleep, but a little after 2am it woke me up and I was so sick - and this went on for the rest of the day & evening on Sunday. Then a fever started in the early evening & stayed with me most of the night. By the time I went to bed I felt human again - after spending literally all day lying on the couch & not eating a thing (now I know how my kids felt). Theirs lasted all week, but it was just a little each day - mine was their weeks worth all compacted into 24 hours I think. I haven't felt that sick in a long, long time.

Today I feel drained - tired - sore - achy - and still a little nauseous, but was able to get up and come in to work. Whether I make it all day is another question. One thing, though the kids seem to be fine and for that I'm so thankful. They ate and ate yesterday and had no fever and didn't get sick all day! They seem to finally be back to normal!!