Not Your Ordinary Chicken Enchiladas

Wednesday, March 09, 2011
I cannot take credit for this recipe...I got this from my mother...and well, she can't really take credit either b/c she found it in a magazine. But she can't remember which one b/c she's had it for so we don't really know who to give credit to for this amazing meal!!! So, just make it, eat it & love it knowing someone out there had a great idea! LOL!


This weekend we are going stay in a beach house with three other families - great friends of ours! There will be 16 of us...8 adults and 8 kiddos, though 2 of those kiddos are actually teenagers, so 6 that are 5 years and younger...sooooo, that being said with a group that size we can't really just go out for all our meals. Crazy wild, plus super pricey. Instead whenever we we do something like this we divide all the meals and each family is responsible for one or two meals. This weekend I have one dinner and one breakfast. 

I like to plan a meal that I can do most of the work ahead of time - and either freeze it and cook it later or at least make it one day ahead of time, put it in the fridge and cook it the next day. This time I'm freezing it b/c I'm making 3X the recipe. So, I made one Monday night - put it in the freezer - one last night - it's in the freezer - and I'll make the 3rd tonight - and you guessed it - put it in the freezer! (I promise - this meal is so yummy - freezing it first takes NOTHING away from it.)

So, first step is green chilies. You need 1 .5oz can of green chilies - drained. 
To this I added 3cups of cooked chicken - white meat is all I've ever used. You're welcome to try dark if that is your preference I guess.
Then I put in 1/2 cup of sour cream - I used fat free - again it's totally your preference.
Next goes in 2cups of yummy Monterrey Jack - I used the jalapeno kind b/c it's super yummy, not just yummy!
Okay - this is the step I get a little wild on - I LOVE cilantro! The more the better. Not everyone shares my love, though...the recipe calls for 1/3 cup of fresh cilantro. I am probably a little more generous than that, though so you can be too if you love cilantro like I do!
Oh - and a great tip about fresh herbs I learned from Rachel Ray - when I bring them home I wash them right away, let them dry a bit, then wrap them in a paper towel before storing them back in their bag in the fridge. Helps them not stay so moist that they get all yucky too fast!
Chop the cilantro as fine as you can - I love this part b/c then my whole kitchen smells so wonderful!!
  And in it goes - I told you I love cilantro - it gets 4 pictures in my post!
Once all this gets mixed together well, the assembly part starts...
Put a generous portion into the middle of a flour tortilla - yep, flour not corn like typical enchiladas. And at this point you have another choice. My mother (and the original recipe) uses 8 12-inch tortillas...I use 10 8-inch tortillas. Only b/c I bought it by accident, but then it worked well and with this large group I thought it would be better, too...
When you use the 12-inch tortillas they have to lay sideways in the dish...when you use the 8-inch you can get two rows of 5 like this...again, this is your preference. I put a little olive oil in the bottom of my dish and turn each tortilla in it to slightly coat it...makes it nice and golden when it cooks!
At this point I'm stopping b/c I'm putting this into the freezer to cook this weekend...

but if you were ready to go forward, here's the next steps...

Into the oven this would go for about 35-40 minutes at 350 degrees - or until the tortillas get nice and golden brown...not too golden, of course. Once they are done and ready to serve mix 1 8oz container of sour cream with 1 8oz container of green enchilada sauce. Pour this over your hot enchilada and top with chopped tomatoes, olives, avocados, green onions...Mmmmmm! I promise, this will be a go-to recipe for you once you've had it! It's one of Michael's favorites.

It's funny - every time we have dinner at my mom's he says, "You need to learn how to make this..." I think I'm starting to see a pattern here!!!

To make it easy to print this recipe you can click on the image below...ENJOY!!!