Night out with Friends & the HLSR Carnival

Monday, March 21, 2011
We had such a fun weekend - I wish I could have slept in today - I'm so tired! But it was so worth it!! Friday night we had plans to go out with friends, so my parents came over to watch Emma & Aaron. We had a fun time out & ran into my niece & her bf, whose parents were in town so it was nice to get to meet them as well. 

Saturday we planned to take the kids to the carnival and livestock show at the parents went with us so they just stayed the night Friday night. Saturday after lunch we all loaded up and headed down to the rodeo! We had such a great time that we ended up staying 8 hours down there!!!!

Emma has got so brave -she rode all the rides!! The tea cups were her favorite, though!
Aaron was on the same ride all day, though - his stroller! LOL
She even rode the camel!! After I bought a ticket for her and me to ride she said she wanted to ride alone - but I already had my ticket & I wanted to ride, too!! She loved it! Wasn't afraid in the least little bit!
Aaron wasn't afraid of any of the animals either - when Emma was his age she was pretty scared usually. Not him, though- he's all boy and goes right for it all!
We also stopped to watch the mutton bustin that was going on outside & just happened to get up to the fence to see as our neighbor's little boy was about to take his turn!!! We were so excited to get to see him ride!
 Can I just say now how difficult it is to take pictures of people on a roller coaster - or any ride for that matter!! I tried every time Emma got on a ride, though...
And she was so excited when she got off each one - running up to tell us how fun it was!! And that one was her favorite - they were all her favorite! Ha ha!
Aaron wasn't as thrilled! LOL -I was glad he was able to take a bit of a nap, though.
Then Emma did finally ride one on her own - I was so proud of her!
This picture didn't come out right - like I said hard when they are spinning around and around - but I still love the expression on her face so I had to share it!! So, much enjoyment!
Since the tea cups were her favorite Emma had to do a repeat with her daddy!!
Aaron did get out & run around a little after his nap!
Emma did find one ride she didn't like - but she was brave and kept going w/out crying! Once I saw her go around one time on this & saw her face change I knew immediately she did not like it at all! I let her know, though how proud I was that she was a big girl and didn't cry!
This was hilarious - Geddo (my dad) bought a caramel apple for Emma. After she ate on it a while, she said, "Hey - there's an apple in here!!!!" I think I laughed for at least five minutes!!
Emma shared the apple with Aaron, too - I think he would have finished it for her!
Every time I looked at my parents if they weren't pushing the stroller or carrying a kid they were holding hands - it was so cute!
Heading home - we had such a great day! I still can't believe how long we were there with the kids & no one gave out...though Emma did fall asleep about ten minutes down the road! Aaron was wide awake though - his power nap had him energized!!!

(and I did have to do a tilt shift of this shot looking back on the carnival - I don't like it as much as the one from a couple years ago, but they are still fun!!)
 See??? Aren't they cute!!
It was a lot of fun! Sunday after church Michael and I worked outside for a while on a couple of little projects - it was such beautiful weather all weekend to be outside! I really hope it stays this way for a while!!