Friday, March 18, 2011

Momma in Focus Friday

One Day At A Time

I didn't get to participate last week in Casey's blog challenge, so I wanted to be sure I got in on it today!! I have so few pictures of me with my kiddos and that really makes me sad. I mean, I do not like pictures of myself at all, but I want Emma & Aaron to have pictures of me with them as young children when they are older. 

Embrace the Camera is a similar challenge that is out there, too so you may be familiar with that one already.
Today's theme is wide open - or rather there isn't one - so I'm just posting a few random pictures of me with my babies that I like!! Some really aren't great quality pics - but that is b/c when I'm taking pics with my DSLR self portraits aren't easy unless I use my remote and often I don't take time for that - so I find that I end up taking quick self portraits of us with my iPhone instead - b/c no one else really takes pictures of me with my kiddos to be honest. I'm always the one taking the pictures of everyone else. I need to start handing off my camera and saying, "Will you please take our picture?"

This is Emma & me - Elaine took this picture for us...
And this is Aaron & me...Elaine also took this picture!

Man - it was a stretch to go find pictures that I had of me with my children - that is very, very sad to me. I am going to make it a mission to complete this challenge every week so that I have more pictures of us together! Tripod and remote shutter - get ready to be used a LOT more!


  1. YEAH!! Good for you Momma! These pictures are darling! I especially love the full family shot! Oh my goodness Aaron and Emma were the cutest babies! THanks for participating this week Hanna! Great to have you in the link up!

  2. Oh and by the way I wasn't aware of that challenge with the other blogger! She has an awesome blog though so I look forward to following her now! Thanks! hehe

  3. Those are such great pictures! These are such good challenges to make sure we get in the photos too!

  4. Sweet photos. Glad you joined it. :)

  5. Oh - I had forgotten the ones with Emma - I need to dig back in the archives and post some to my portfolio...

    And now that I feel more confident in my family session photos, let's set something up!! I think I can hook you up with some portraits with the kiddos. :)


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