Momma in Focus Friday

Friday, March 18, 2011
One Day At A Time

I didn't get to participate last week in Casey's blog challenge, so I wanted to be sure I got in on it today!! I have so few pictures of me with my kiddos and that really makes me sad. I mean, I do not like pictures of myself at all, but I want Emma & Aaron to have pictures of me with them as young children when they are older. 

Embrace the Camera is a similar challenge that is out there, too so you may be familiar with that one already.
Today's theme is wide open - or rather there isn't one - so I'm just posting a few random pictures of me with my babies that I like!! Some really aren't great quality pics - but that is b/c when I'm taking pics with my DSLR self portraits aren't easy unless I use my remote and often I don't take time for that - so I find that I end up taking quick self portraits of us with my iPhone instead - b/c no one else really takes pictures of me with my kiddos to be honest. I'm always the one taking the pictures of everyone else. I need to start handing off my camera and saying, "Will you please take our picture?"

This is Emma & me - Elaine took this picture for us...
And this is Aaron & me...Elaine also took this picture!

Man - it was a stretch to go find pictures that I had of me with my children - that is very, very sad to me. I am going to make it a mission to complete this challenge every week so that I have more pictures of us together! Tripod and remote shutter - get ready to be used a LOT more!