Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Idol Fans - Do you have your favorites???

Well, here are mine & not necessarily in this order! 
Tonight is performance night!

I do listen to country some - that is mostly what Michael listens to so if he's controlling the radio that is what is on...if it's my choice I put it on rock, though and usually every year on Idol it's the rocker that I end up liking the best! 

I actually though Lauren was going the rock route, but she is leaning more to the country side - I still like her a lot, though and I like Scotty b/c he reminds me of Josh Turner (swoon)! Right now I think my top 4, though are James, Pia, Paul & Casey and they are all soooo different from one another! 

I have to admit, even though I really like the show and watch it every year, I've never voted. This year they have online voting open and it looks like you can link up your FB or Twitter accounts when you vote - still don't really know if I'll actually vote this year or not! Ha!

Michael only likes the audition parts in the beginning - then he falls off as a fan! I still watch, though so he usually knows what is going on!


  1. I like Casey and the young blonde gal who's name I cannot remember (she's the one in the lower left corner). I have only voted a few times in the past :)

  2. You listed all of my favorites! I am so glad that Casey is back tonight and not so sick!

  3. I like all of the ones you like...though Thia as sweet as she is needs to go in my opinion. I'm watching it as I type actually;0. Have liked the guys best so far!

  4. I love Casey and Paul...also love Thia (she's so young though). It's a great show!


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