Happy St. Patrick's Day, Thankful Thursday...and At the Beach: Part 2 - Fishing & The Strand

Thursday, March 17, 2011
First - Happy St. Patrick's Day!!
Emma's class is having a St. Paddy's Day party today - can't wait to hear all about it! Yesterday was crazy hat day, too - and before that crazy sock day! Ha ha!

It's easy to say what I'm thankful for today - everything you see below!!! Great family & friends - fun times spent with both - time off work to relax and enjoy life!!!

Ahhhh....that's how I felt all weekend. Just relaxed! And it was easy to do in the beautiful weather we had! I personally didn't fish, but all the kids spent a lot of time out on this great pier with the dads. They also set out crab traps - I think they did end up catching a few small ones!!
This is a view looking back at the house from the deck - which sat up high over the pier.
The pier made me a little nervous so I preferred that Emma wore her life vest whenever she went out there...just a little added security!
I think they were playing Words With Friends against one another while sitting about ten feet away from one another! Ha ha!
I think every child ended up catching a fish before we had to leave! Syairah was the last to catch one and I don't think she caught it until Sunday night!
Against our better judgement we also let the kids feed the birds. I just knew that the desk was going to be covered in little gifts from the birds...luckily, though it wasn't at all!
Which was amazing b/c there were tons of birds flying around at all times - a couple of the piers down from us that didn't have kids running out on it all the time had at least 100 birds sitting & relaxing at any given time!
Sunday afternoon we decided to hit The Strand! Specifically La King's Confectionery first!! Yum, Yum, Yum!! I had Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, of course!!!
Everyone got their favorite flavor ice cream & we all sat and enjoyed the yumminess!
Michael got his favorite - a chocolate milkshake! He said it was wonderful, though he didn't share so I can't tell you for myself!!
Emma had to get "pink", of course! It was Strawberry Daiquiri Sherbert.
After ice cream all the kids got to pick out some candy...
Emma got mini fruit slices and I got some salt water taffy - all flavors!
We didn't leave Aaron out - Michael got some chocolate covered cashews and I got a couple haystacks so Aaron got to try the dark chocolate - I think he liked it!!
So did Emma - she was excited to get to pick out her candy!
When we all got our sugar fix we headed out to walk the strand and stopped to watch a street artist. This guy was amazing - he only used spray paint to make magnificent artwork! Felicia actually wanted to order one, but there were so many orders in front of her we wouldn't have been able to stay long enough for her to get it...and you have to stick around if you order one. 
The kids also had to say goodbye to Gus at this point - which was very sad. The Mahan's had to leave a day early from the beach house to take care of a few things before heading back to Colorado the next day. So, except for Aaron we got a picture of all the kiddos on the Mariner's Compass at Saengerfest Park.
After we said our farewells we continued to walk/shop along The Strand & Carlton got to try his hand at the drums...
And Syairah gave it a go, too! None of the other kids would play with the guy - guess they all got stage fright! Not Carlton, though - he loved it!!!
The rest of the day was pretty mellow - we walked, shopped...
Sat & waited while others shopped...LOL
We all got a little envious b/c Aaron had the best seat in the house! After a while we all decided it was time to head back to the beach house and get dinner going...
It had been another fun day and it was our last evening together before we had to pack up Monday & head back to Houston. We still had an evening of fun, though - playing games, fishing, cooking, movies & popcorn...it was a full last night!

We're already talking about the next two destinations the families are all going to visit together in the next year or two!! We definitely want to go to Great Wolf Lodge and also take a trip to Colorado to visit the Mahan's - unless they move back to Houston sometime soon (fingers crossed)! I'm so thankful for such great neighbors who have turned into such great friends!! We never would have known when we built our house 7 years ago that the strangers moving in next door & down the street would turn into such fantastic friends that we'll have for life!