Friday, March 25, 2011

Dusting off Photoshop...

I decided it was time to change the look around here - actually I decided that a long time ago, but haven't had the time to work in Photoshop much at all. I barely get time to edit photos in Lightroom as it is...but I finally just made the time & thought some of our fun pics from the beach would brighten things up! I love how Aaron is checking out the water & mud on his toes in his picture...and my little beauty in her shades is super cool!! 



  1. Hi!

    I'm your newest follower from the Bee Friendly blog hop:)

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  2. Love the new header! You did an awesome job.

  3. I noticed the new blog design the second I stopped by;0. Love the big header and the new feel! Great job! So neat that you can do it yourself. I really need to work on that stuff and learn more about design. It would save m ea lot of $$ lol.


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