At the Beach: Part 1 - Playing in the Sand

Wednesday, March 16, 2011
I thought it would be easier to break up the pics from our time at the beach house instead of putting them all into one very large post! So, this is evening one and our first full day! The first evening we relaxed at the beach house and went to the beach and Schlitterbaun the 2nd day.  I didn't get any pics at Schlitterbaun, but Nicole's digital camera was waterproof, so I'll share those pics later when I get them from her!

The water was a bit too cold to actually swim, but we all had a great time playing at the beach nonetheless!!! Here are a few pics from our first evening & the first day playing on the beach!

That first evening we had a beautiful sunset! What a view!
The kids had a space all their own upstairs - of course, that didn't keep them from staying underfoot of the adults most of the time! They had a great time all over the place really!
Emma hanging out on the balcony!
Our first dinner - we had a nice dining table, but the island turned out to be where we congregated most of the time!!
Our gadget-aged children - playing the DS!
The Mahan's moved off our street over a year ago to Colorado, but still come to visit us - and we were so excited they made it back home for this trip to the beach with us! Gus is so missed by all his friends!
Day 2 - finally making it down to the water!

Daddy & Aaron enjoying the beautiful weather!
My cool girl rocking her shades!
The Mahan's - and one on the way!
The Kubeczka's
Aaron, unlike his sister at that age, got right into the dirt! He LOVED it!
She likes it a little more now!
The boys and their boys!!
Christopher & Grayson, Carlton & Carlton, Michael & Aaron and Andrew & Gus
The girls...
Felicia & Briana & Syairah, Kim & Addison, Me & Emma and Nicole & Baby Mahan
The Hayden's
The only family picture I'm missing from the beach is one of the George's - I'm sure another camera has one, so I'll have to get it from them to post later!

That afternoon we headed to Schlitterbaun - well, part of us did...others went to the Aquarium and a couple stayed back at the beach house to relax in the quiet!!  I think that night was the best night sleep for all the kiddos. They were worn out after a day at the beach and then the afternoon spent playing, too. I know Emma & Carlton found a slide at Schlitterbaun that they literally slid down at least 200 times! They would get to the bottom and run back around and up to do it again...over and over and over and over and over!!! They had a great time!