Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Aaron Gardening...or turning over the rocks anyway...

The day Aaron got tubes in his ears both Michael and I took the day off from work...b/c everything went so well (thankfully) we were back home around 8:30 that morning and had the rest of the day to spend with Aaron & get things done we needed of those for Michael was working a bit out in the yard. So...Aaron, of course, had to work along side him!

I can tell you right now, this little boy is going to LOVE playing in the dirt. His sister - not so much! But Aaron - every time Michael put out some new dirt for the flowers he had his finger in it stirring it around and grabbing handfuls of it and yes, even eating it once...or twice! He had a good time, though!

Aaron Gardening
 This year we are supposed to move up the fence on one side of the house (we already did one side) and when we do that Michael's garden is going to relocate to that side...we've been talking about what will go in the old garden spot. We talked about putting a deck or patio there, but now I'm wondering (against my better judgement) whether or not we should make it a place for the kids to play with dump trucks and gardening tools and such...I don't want to call it a sandbox, b/c I will not put sand in there. Maybe some sort of mulch or you have an area like that? Pros? Cons? Is it just a complete mess?

I know they (at least Aaron) would love it, but I'm fearing the mess to be honest! We'll see...


  1. There is a recycled tire 'mulch' so to speak of that people use a lot in playground since it is safe for the kids to 'play hard' being rubber. It comes in all kinds of colors too, I've seen it used on HGTV too. You may want to look into that for a good safe play area!

  2. tire mulch would be cool, bark mulch is messy and the stuff gets stuck in Daisy's clothes really bad..splinters etc. I want to get a sand box for Daisy but, come to think of it she might not like it just like your little girl;0 hehe


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