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We got a Snow...well, ICE day!

We don't get snow here in Houston much, so when there is a chance of it we get very excited!!! And then when it actually does snow, even the tiniest bit, we all go crazy!!! So, all week the news has been saying it was going to snow...most of the schools and businesses (including mine) closed down today b/c of icy road conditions. I keep looking out the window in anticipation of snow, but it isn't showing up. Friends in Dallas sent pics of 5inches of snow! So pretty - we're so jealous!

This is all we got down here...
The ice is about 6 inches deep in this bucket...
All the branches on the willow trees are solid ice...
My car is covered in a thick layer of ice, too...

As I was walking around outside it was crunch, crunch, crunch...every blade of grass was covered in ice! And when the wind would blow the branches on the trees it made a pretty eerie sound of the ice covered leaves rubbing against one another!! 

But now snow...sigh!


  1. Brrr that looks so cold! BUmmer that it is that cold and yet no snow! Stay warm this weekend!


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