Some Miscellaneous Fun Pics

Thursday, February 10, 2011
The other night Emma had a popsicle, which of course meant Aaron wanted some - he wants whatever you're eating! Hey - he's a growing boy! I'm happy, though that Emma is usually very good about sharing with her baby brother!!!
She's also good about playing with him - especially if it means she can race him around and around the room!! LOL! I was nervous watching this, but Aaron was having the best time!! No one can make him laugh like his sister - of course, no one can make him cry like her either!
 This was a playful hair day - we made a couple little "ballerina buns" for Emma - though after watching figure skating she now tells me they are what they "skating girls" wear!! I think they would be cute braided first!
 So, like I said, Emma thoughtfully shared her popsicle the other night with Aaron...though it was a little sour and after she saw this silly face he kept making she wanted to give him more and more tastes b/c she thought it was funny when his face puckered up like this! I have to admit it made me laugh, too!! Didn't stop him from wanting more, though!!
I just love my babies! They make me smile daily!!!