Monday, February 07, 2011

Six Plus Years in the Making...

Well, my poor home office - right now I can't even call it that - has been the most neglected room in our house. When we first moved into our house I had plans, but the rest of the house has got all the attention over the years. New floors, nurseries, big girl room for Emma, sprinkler system, kitchen redo - my office somehow became storage. I've been in super purge mode lately and everything that is to be donated or sold somehow gets a home in there until getting pushed out the door. So...needless to say the room has had zero TLC like I've wanted. 

The only thing we have done in there is to go through about four iterations of desks.

When we moved in to our house we can from a one bedroom apartment to a four bedroom first we only had a tiny little computer desk (you can't really call it a desk) in there b/c that is what fit in the bedroom in our apartment. When we moved into the apt I temporarily used a card table for printers/scanners...
After getting other rooms set up I thought we really needed to get a better desk, so we found this corner unit. Honestly, I didn't like it when we bought it, but it was inexpensive and had plenty of room for everything...this is from 2004, too btw. It was functional...but not at all what I wanted...but we got it anyway and had it in the room for about four years.
So then a few years later we traded out the corner unit for another desk that was actually given to us. I only saw a picture and it looked nice. What I didn't realize was just how big it really was - I wanted to downsize and get rid of the corner desk. So, I said yes we would take it - got them changed out and realized it kinda swallowed the room. It was a great desk, but 70" wide!! WHOA! But since the corner unit was already gone I needed a desk to replace it, so in it went! My plan was smaller & more contemporary and that wasn't what we got...
Sooo...for the past couple of years we've had this big desk in my office that isn't really an office, but a storage unit and last week I made a promise to myself that 2011 was the year for my home office to FINALLY get the love and attention is deserves - and to actually become a functional, peaceful, organized home office that I'll actually WANT to be in!!!

So, the first step? Get rid of the too big desk, downsize to something simple and sleek - actually have to some room to work in there!!!  And this is the desk I downsized to. I love it! I don't like the lack of wire organization, but that's on the list, too - some sort of cable organization that looks nice.
The next step for the room is to get the baby things that you can't see off to the left out of there - I have a ton of baby items that both my kids no longer use that I plan to sell or donate - plus the coffee table that we've decided we don't want anymore - a set of dishes - and other misc items that have accumulated as a result of my rampant  purging of all areas of our home over the past few months. There are two great bookshelves in there and I will be keeping those, I think - at least one of them. 

Once everything is moved out I want to paint the room. It has two great windows in it that let in a lot of light and I would love to have a relaxing blue or gray  on the walls. I haven't been paint shopping yet, b/c there is no point till I get everything moved out - one step at a time! The windows also need some attention - currently they only have blinds on them so after the room is cleared out and painted the windows will come after that! It's a work in progress so I'll keep you updated on that progress to keep myself in forward motion, too!

I found some images online that I want to use for inspiration - don't these rooms look inviting & calming!?!?

The last one is my favorite - I think b/c of the dark furniture, since that is what I have.Maybe one shade lighter on the gray, though!

But, I also really like this color - this is from the Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer tool - very neat!
It's called Jetstream and is a good contrast to the dark colors of my furniture in the room!

Can't wait to see it actually get done!!

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  1. Hi, Hanna! I love the desk set up under the window!!

    I left something for you on my blog!

    Kristin :)
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