My 4 day weekend in pictures!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011
Well, I don't have any pics from Friday night - though I wish I did b/c we had a blast playing Bunco at my SIL's house. I have only played Bunco about 3 times in my life including Friday and each time I have the best time!!!! I've said before I'd love to start up a group playing on a regular basis, but have never done it - my niece has been playing once a month with a group for about 10 years!!! I think that would be awesome!!!

While the girls were all playing, the guys all went out to dinner with the kiddos and it sounded like they had a great time, too. Emma informed me that her daddy let her play in the sand when they went out to eat! I never could understand why a restaurant would have a play area with sand, but this one place we like to go does...and honestly we NEVER let her play in it...but I guess Friday was an exception!

Saturday we had errands to run all day and we planned a fish fry for that evening b/c Michael had gone fishing Friday and Saturday and we had so much fish - honestly I don't like to freeze fish b/c when it thaws it never holds together as well - and fresher is always better!!! So, the neighbors came over Saturday night and we cooked up all the fish and everyone brought over sides - it was sooo good!! I also snuck in a mini photography session for one of my neighbors. She wanted pics of her daughter for her 3rd b'day party the next day and she had taken her to a portrait studio, but she wasn't a happy camper at all!! So here are a few of those pics...
They turned out so cute for a quick ten minute photo shoot...

and I couldn't resist taking a few of my beauty at the same time...
Sunday afternoon was Addison's Fancy Nancy B'day after church and a nap we got all dressed up. Well, Emma did - she was a butterfly princess. Aaron didn't really have an outfit, so he just wore a cute little tux shirt that was given to him - finally had the perfect opportunity to wear it!
Aaron wasn't up for pictures much at all - I tried to get pictures before church,too when they were dressed in their church clothes, but he wasn't having that either!! Boy doesn't like to be still at all!
Everyone got tattoos at the party - Emma of course found a purple butterfly to match her!
They got their nails painted...
And they made super fancy mirrors - the back was covered with sparkly hearts!
This was right up their alley!!
Aaron had other interests!!

Yesterday I was off work - the office was closed for President's we went to visit my parents. My father broke his arm playing tennis and had to have surgery on it Friday. We hadn't had the chance to visit since Friday so I told them we would spend the day over there Monday. Emma picked out a pretty bouquet of flowers and a Get Well balloon for her Geddo!!
Emma also did some domestic duties while we were there...
She washed dishes with Teta...
And then after that - she got a baking lesson!!

HA HA! She was anticipating the mixer being too loud!
Then she kept one ear covered when she turned it on!
Mmmm...yummy goodness!!
And - the best part of any baking lesson...
Even Aaron got to have a little taste!
And finally - her finished cake!!!
She brought him home for daddy since he had to go to work and of course he loved it!!! There was quite a bit of cake, so we decided to share with our neighbors, too.

It was a good weekend...I hope you can tell that from ALL the pictures!!! I never get a chance to spend much time on the computer over the weekends so I'm usually playing catch up when the weekend is over!! I am not complaining, though - just means a lot of fun time with my babies and friends!!

I hope you all had a great weekend, too!