Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Monday Madness

Well, the evening started out simply enough - typical Monday. Dinner, baths, playing, kids' bedtime - followed by Michael and I settling in for the Bachelor. Screeeeeeeeech!!! 

Hold it right there -first madness of the evening!

Okay, I have just decided that the producers of this show tell the Bachelor to pick their favorites, but then I think they tell them to save a spot or two for the crazies. They have to be kept around for ratings!! You know who I'm talking about, right??

These two women are cuh-raaazeeee!!!! 

I mean Michelle's drama is so obvious - and that scene where she took Brad into the room and shut the door and told him, "No more talking..." I felt a little afraid for him at that point! When the girls come back for the "tell all" part when the show is over, I hope they seriously ask him what he was thinking keeping her in the game for this long! That's why I think he has to keep them around for ratings!

Ashley's drama isn't quite as severe - but on the group dates she was a little bit doo-doo doo-doo, psycho, too! I think even she realized she was being a little crazy after her group date last week b/c she said she was afraid she had messed up. Honestly, last week I think Brad was going to give her the rose on the group date until she acted that way and he changed his mind. I was sad to see her get it last night over the other Ashley, though. 

Okay - enough of my guilty pleasure of crazy reality TV - though tonight there is more of it with American Idol! I'm truly LOVING this season of Idol! Love me some Steven Tyler!!!

So...after that bit of madness was over we went to bed - Aaron had been asleep for over two hours. And sleeping well. I was so thankful b/c lately he hasn't been sleeping well with this ear infection. No sooner than we laid our heads down did he wake up and start crying...no, screaming!! And he didn't stop for nearly 45 minutes. That is how long it took for us to get him to relax and go back to sleep. I changed his diaper, gave him a bottle, rocked him, danced with him, sang to him, everything...he finally gave in and went back to sleep and stayed sound asleep all night. 

Well, we went back to bed, closed our eyes, got good and asleep this time and about 45 minutes later a sound woke us...at first we thought it was Emma coming into our room. It sounded like little feet plodding over the floor, but she never showed up and the sound continued. So, we got up to investigate only to find water pouring out from under the sink in the kitchen. Apparently something had stopped up in the garbage disposal and the drain from the dishwasher was stopped up. I ran the disposal and everything went down fine and it stopped leaking, but then we had a mess of water to clean up. After we got it all dry I sprayed it all down with Lysol and we left the cabinets empty and open over night to completely dry out. 

We asked what else could possibly go wrong to keep us awake and nothing did, but that didn't stop me from lying awake listening for something for about 30 more minutes before I finally made it back to sleep. 

Then this morning it was storming so bad our lights were flickering off and on. Michael leaves before me and the kids, so after I fought the wind and the rain to get them in the car (a 4-wheeler and an older mustang take up the parking spaces in the garage), I sat down behind the wheel to find the sweetest "just because" card waiting on me...made it all worthwhile. Thank you honey!!

And two other things that are special about today!! 

Today is my daddy's birthday!! 
We had a yummy birthday dinner Sunday at my parents' house with my family to celebrate his birthday! Emma picked out a strawberry cake for him - she wanted to get him the Toy Story cake, but I convinced her maybe that wasn't Geddo's favorite!! LOL!
All the kids helped him blow out his candles!!
 And Emma helped him open the present we got him - though she was ready to go play when she realized it wasn't anything fun for her!! LOL!

And it's also my BIL's birthday...


  1. Michelle is ridiculous! I could not believe he kept her, but I agree, I do not think they get 100% say in who they pick. Ratings mean too much!

  2. Happy birthday to your Dad! Also, I haven't kept up with idol in a few years but, this year my hubby and I have been dropping in and watching it and I'm loving it too and I think the same thing about Stephen. He's great! lol


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