Friday, February 11, 2011

A little hair-do, A little crafty and a Valentine's Day Present!

So glad that the weekend is here!!! Monday Emma's class is having a Valentine's party, so this weekend we have to buy Valentine's. I haven't shopped for those since I was in elementary, so I think it's gonna be fun!!! What do you bet we end up with Princess Valentine's??? 

This morning Emma requested a "curly ponytail" - that means both a ponytail that I curl with the curling iron or this twisty ponytail, which is what she meant this morning! Ha!
So...last night I finished another scarf -this one is sooooo soft! I love this thread, though it is NOT easy to work with like the other I used for my last scarf! But it sure does feel all nice and cozy wrapped around your neck!! I think next I am going to make a baby blanket. I like the smaller projects for learning b/c they are faster!!
I made these fingerless gloves for Emma last week...
I had actually made a pair for me first, but being my first attempt they didn't turn out perfect. I was very happy, though with the way these turned out for her so I might try again to make another pair for me. I have enough of the yarn from my scarf left to make me a pair so I'll have a set. The first ones were with that yarn, too but now that I've had some more practice I hope to do a better job the 2nd time around on my pair! 

The other night I also pulled out my crochet bag that I had put up in the closet from when I first started this - and I found several of the little clutch purses that I had made. I didn't realize I had made so many! LOL! A couple of them still need closures put on them, though. I have an assortment of old buttons that I raided from mother's button jar, so I have plenty to choose from!!

So, Valentine's Day is Monday!!! Do you go out this weekend or wait till the actually day to celebrate? I bought Michael's gift yesterday actually and I'll tell you since he doesn't read my site. At either Christmas or Thanksgiving (I don't remember which, I just remember we were at my Grannie's for a holiday) he realized his wedding band was missing. Now you know we've both changed our eating habits and are working out together now - well, he lost enough weight that his ring is too big now. Well, it fell off & it's gone. I thought about replacing it in January for his b'day, but my parents bought him a deer stand for his b'day and he got some accessories with it, so I bought him a gift to go along with that. 

Now I think that Valentine's is a good time for a wedding band to be his gift. So, that's what I bought him yesterday. I didn't get it engraved yet, b/c I want to make sure the size is good. I bought a half size smaller than what we bought when we got married, so hopefully that will fit him better. Michael is a simple guy - in jewelry all he wears is a necklace with a cartouche my parents brought him from Egypt with his name in hieroglyphics and his wedding band. And he likes a simple band so this is the one I picked out for him.
It's a James Avery ring and not too much different from his original band...they don't carry his original band anymore it seems. But I really like this one. It's not just a plain band - it has a little accent to it and still isn't flashy or anything that Michael wouldn't like to wear. 

So...Shhhhh - don't tell him okay!!!

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  1. I really like the ring you chose for your hubby. I could see myself choosing something similar for my hubs. He likes things simple and durable;0. Neat that you can knit scarves and gloves. I can do that stuff at all but, wish I could!! We don't go out much ever due to not having childcare for Daisy but, I think we will actually go out next week because it is so crazy on Valentine's weekend! We have an Olive Garden gift certificate so maybe we'll get to use that! yeah!


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