How do you protect your fine furniture??

Wednesday, February 02, 2011
I've been browsing new dining tables online for a while now. Our dining room has been a play room for the past three years. We are going to move the play room upstairs soon and when we do I'm going to have a bare dining room b/c we sold our dining table when we decided to make it a play room. I want to buy a nice table and sideboard...that means I need to also make sure it's good option is a table pad.

...table pad covers protect your tables against scratches, spills, and kids & husbands!!! LOL! This is a great investment if your hubby hosts poker night (like mine does) to keep your table from eventually looking like it's been used over and over for poker night or if your daughter likes to have play dough tea parties!!

And if you haven't shopped around for one yet, here is a great opportunity to try one out for FREE!!

Wholesale Furniture Brokers is giving away a free table pad manufactured by Ohio Table Pad Company during the Table Pad Giveaway at 

 The deadline for the contest is February 28, 2011.