Baked Brie with Apricots

Saturday, February 05, 2011
I love Brie - I love Baked Brie - but I've always thought it would be a hard thing to put together. I don't know why, though - it was simple and quick and soooo yummy!!! Here's how I put mine together and I would love to try your version if you'd like to share - I know there are many ways to do this! 

I started with Crescent rolls - I tried to find the plain Crescent dough, but my grocery store didn't have it in stock.
I unrolled the dough, keeping it all in one piece...
 Then I pressed the pieces together where they were perforated to make a solid piece of dough...
 Then I got a jar of apricot preserves...I just bought a generic store brand, but buy whatever kind you prefer...or if you make your own that would be awesome, too!
 Mmmmm...sweet goodness!
 I spread the preserves evenly over all the dough...
Then I opened my Brie - I used an 8oz wheel of President Brie - again you can use whatever brand you like!
And put that right in the center of my dough on top of the preserves.
 Then I started at one corner and folded the dough up on top of the Brie wheel.
 You see why it's important to get the dough perforations pressed together - I didn't do a great job so I had more little holes that I wanted...I did my best to press them back together, but the apricots had already come through a little so it wasn't easy.
 I put the Brie in the oven on 350 degrees until the crescent dough was beautiful golden brown and the apricots were all bubbly (turned out that the holes in the dough were alright anyway...the apricots just oozed out a little more and surrounded the whole thing)!! Isn't that pretty!?!
 This was so delicious!!! It turned out that the apricots were sweeter than I thought they would be, though - which was fine, so this will be a dessert version of Baked Brie!! LOL! I'm sure the possibilities of filling this are endless, though!! Even Aaron loved it - once I gave him a bite he was done with the rest of his lunch!!
I can't wait to make this again!! We were eating into it as soon as it came out of the oven and was all warm and oozy!!!!