Bad Mommy

Monday, February 28, 2011
I did not get on the computer at ALL this weekend, not once - which means I don't have any of Aaron's birthday party pics of my own to share!!! Hopefully tonight that's what I'll be doing so I'll have my own pictures to share, but until then you can see a few on my SIL's blog...and this one that Elaine took of Aaron diving into his cake!! And I've include a slide show of their pics, too. I think Elaine & Jamie honestly took more pictures that I did - my hands weren't free for the camera much, so I'll have to see if I can't coerce a few of my favorite pics out of them!!! (Thanks guys!)
Mother & I made this little football shaped cake for him and he wasn't shy about diving into it at all!!! Not like Emma at her first b'day - we had to feed her cake to her with a fork!!
She wasn't letting go of those babies!!!

(Slide shows - click to advance the pictures!)
Here are all the pics from Saturday that Elaine took:

And here are Jamie's pics: