Thursday, February 17, 2011


Can I just say I'm excited to see a remake of Arthur! And that I think Russell Brand will be perfect! Last weekend when we went to see Just Go With It (hilarious!), we saw the preview and I was cracking up just from that! I do hope that, like so many other disappointing movies, they didn't show the only funny parts in the trailer. I might need to rent the original version again before the new one comes out...

The original Arthur is so funny and Dudley Moore's drunken self cracks me up...

And honestly...I believe that the Russell Brand may even be funnier...


  1. I'm so hesitant to see the remake because I loved the first one so much!

  2. Surprisingly I don' tthink I have ever heard of that movie! I'm a big Jennifer Garner fan though so I'm sure I would enjoy this remake;0

  3. OMG! LOL! I love Arthur!!!! Yes I OWN the first one! I did not know about the remake!! How exciting!!!! LOL! This made my morning!


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